Comic-Con 2012

It’s the day after the storm. Comic-Con 2011 has come and gone like the category-5 hurricane of nerdom it is. The events of the past weekend have left me tired, sick, and brimming with passion. It was my personal goal to attend Comic-Con 2011 as a professional, a goal I let slide due in part to my own laziness and a self-destructive love of procrastination. My prize, was attending this past years Comic-Con as a civilian, reveling in the successes of those more committed to their dreams than me.

Boo hoo.

But not today. Today is the start of next year. The countdown to San Diego Comic-Con 2012 has begun, and as they say in professional sports, we’re all undefeated today

So hone your craft. Reaffirm your commitment to that voice in your head that tells you to dream. Chase your passions down daily, and never lose sight of your goal.

I will, and I’ll see you next year at San Diego Comic-Con 2012, only I’ll be standing on a different side of the table this time.

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