In a seedy, gray toned, criminal underground filled with tough guys and dangerous women–Frank, a three-foot tall, green skinned puppet monster, fights to save his human girlfriend Sophia from an untimely death at the hands of the most feared and respected crimeboss in the city.

Meanwhile on the otherside of town, in an eerily quiet neighborhood briming with tension and fear–The Blind Scarf, a masked vigilante and merciless enforcer of justice, prowels the rooftops and alleyways stomping out crime wherever it may show.


This is the mixed up world of Your Cold Felt Heart, a five issue comic series that blends the moral cynicism and sexual tension of film noir with the extravagant characters and action of vintage pulp hero stories, all told through the silly, playful eyes of puppets.

Your Cold Felt Heart and all its characters were created by Mel Dale, who also writes and draws the comic series—blending his love of crime stories, puppets, and the visual style of the 20s and 30s. Issues of the series are available for purchase digitally and printed in the shop.

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