I love Hellboy. Without any doubt, it’s my favorite comic book franchise of all time. This month marks a tremendous turn in the world of Hellboy with the release of the final installment of “Hellboy: The Fury”, a mini-series which brings to a close nearly two decades of amazing story telling.

To be clear, my intentions are not for this blog to be a review resource, there are plenty of those already out there. But, as it relates to what inspires me to work in the medium of comics, I’d like to share some of my thoughts on this stellar series with you.

I feel strongly that the Hellboy comics published by Dark Horse are the apex of what modern comics storytelling can accomplish. Seriously. Years from now people are going to look back on it in awe, claiming it as the definitive series of it’s era. Why? Mike Mignola, the creator, writer, and often artist of Hellboy, discovered what makes a long running comic book series work.


Over 17 years, numerous story arcs, and several artist the world of Hellboy hasn’t lost any of it’s magic or appeal. The storytelling is rich and immersive, and it’s characters deeply human.

There’s also a lot of monsters getting punched in the face. Check it out for yourself.

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