Issue No. 0 Cover Process 4 of 4

With the release of Your Cold Felt Heart Issue No. 0 today it’s fitting to finish my post involving the process behind it’s creation, as well as officially debut the final cover. After completing the pencils, finished inks, and coloring, the final step was the inclusion of type and graphical elements to the finished design. The crease marks and rubbing effects were all created by actually creasing and distressing a piece of paper before scanning it in and applying the effect to the finished cover. The tagline included on the cover originally read “Frank’s North Side Adventure” which was my little nod to the second volume of Dave Stevens’ The Rocketeer, “Cliff’s New York Adventure”. But, the reference to Stevens’ work seemed too obscure to forgive the inaccurate use of “adventure” to describe Issue No. 0’s content (despite my deep love for The Rocketeer). All together, I’m really happy with how the cover, and the issue, turned out. Now it’s time to start the next one.  Issue No. 0 of Your Cold Felt Heart is available as of today in my store. Check it out!

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