Your Cold Felt Heart – Issue No. 1


The first full size Your Cold Felt Heart comic available digitally or in print.

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A Tale of Puppets and Their Crimes

Your Cold Felt Heart – Issue No. 1 “Dangerous Game of Love”

A beautiful woman cries-out for help in the night. She’s caught in a tangled web of bad choices made in a bad town… and who comes to her aid? A three-foot-tall puppet monster named Frank. This is the mixed up world of Your Cold Felt Heart, a 5 issue comic series filled with tough-guy criminals, dangerous women, merciless vigilantes, and PUPPETS! Blending the moral cynicism and sexual tension of film noir with the sight gags and silliness of your favorite puppet stars, Your Cold Felt Heart is puppets like you’ve never seen before.

In this issue follow along as Frank, a puppet monster and the star of Your Cold Felt Heart, goes about his life of crime. Pulling off a heist, grabbing some drinks in sleazy speakeasy, making deals in dark alleys, and hanging around with his human girlfriend Sophia. But despite his best efforts to stay ahead, the powerful organized crime of the city and the misguided powers of justice begin to close around Frank threatening to finally take him down. Crime, sex, deceit, and PUPPETS! All this is waiting for you in Your Cold Felt Heart!

• Available in Digital & Print
• Full Color Cover
• 26 Black & White Story Pages
• Full Size Comic Format (6.625 in. by 10.25 in.)

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