ComiXology Release


I’m excited to announce that Your Cold Felt Heart Issue No. 1 is now available digitally through ComiXolgy! As a lover of technology and comic books I’m a big fan of ComiXology and have been buying comics through their convenient service for several years now.

For those of you less familiar, ComiXology is the largest digital comics distributor in the world. They feature over 75,000 comics in their convenient cloud-based library which can be accessed instantly from any internet enabled device. ComiXology also offer a free app for most smartphones and tablets which allows  you to download your digital comics for offline reading. Their website even offers the ability to backup your digital comics library with DRM-Free PDF or CBZ files for anyone concerned about losing their purchases in the cloud.

If you’re a little skeptical about the experience of reading comics on your iPad (my preferred device), let me tell my favorite feature of all… HD COMICS!

ComiXology’s software allows creators like me to upload their comics at resolutions WAY higher than commercial printers can support, letting the artwork take full advantage of the beautiful Retina Display built right into the iPad. Believe me when I say, comics have never looked more beautiful than when you’ve see them in HD!

Visit to get your own digital copy of Your Cold Felt Heart – Issue No. 1 and experience “puppet noir” in HD. The digital copy also features an exclusive pinup from my friends Jeramy Hobz and Cyndi Foster. Check out their series Oops Comic Adventure to see more of their incredible art.


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