In every way possible 2015 was the worst hardest year of my adult life. Professionally, I had tried my hardest and still failed to achieve any of my goals. Financially, I was hemorrhaging money on unexpected emergency, after unexpected emergency. And personally, I was feeling defeated by my own aspirations and the collusion of the world at large.

Sadly things weren’t any easier for my wife. So going into 2016 we both needed a plan for happiness. Something that we could work on together that would make THIS year, better than the last.

We decided to travel. To plan out our entire year financially with the goal of visiting as many of our friends and family members as we could. And, we would document our travels throughout the year so that one year from then we would have something to look back on. A reminder of our victory. It was my wife’s genius that thought to do it as one continuos, spinning shot.

So, today as we all say goodbye to 2016 here’s mine and my wife’s reminder of the good things in life. Visiting new places, family, and friends.

Here’s to doing it all again in 2017.

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